Tesla wireless transmission

Bashar channeling.

Tesla Device

Q: Okay. I'll be brief.

B: Thank you.

Q: Is a 7.5-hertz vibration of the Earth, mechanical or electromagnetic?

B: 'Tis within the idea you call your electromagnetic field.

Q: Okay. Then the device that Tesla created with one probe into the Earth - that was an electrical device, then?

B: Yes.

Q: Okay.

B: Understand that the idea you call the wavelength was that one crest, if radiated in circular form, was exactly the same as the diameter of your planet. Thus, you may picture from one point a radiating ripple going out and reaching its highest amplitude at the equator, and then proceeding to the other pole and bouncing back.

Q: Hmm.

B: That frequency has a wave amplitude the same as the diameter of your planet.

Q: Oh. I see. So it's like two cycles around the planet? Is that what it turns out to be - two full cycles around the planet?

B: Yes. Out and back.

Q: Right. And then it reinforces itself?

B: Yes.

Q: Hmm.

B: Now understand that what he did not immediately take into account was the sensitivity of all the electromagnetic equipment in the proximity. And this was one of the reasons for the uproar. He blew out many generators around the vicinity.

Q: Hmm. How did he do that? He…

B: By the initiation of this field.

Q: Oh, I see. He actually put some energy into the atmosphere at this wavelength?

B: Yes.

Q: And it reinforced and blew a lot of generators.

B: Yes.

Q: I see. Is this the device also that he called his wireless transmission device?

B: It is one of the applications.

Q: Okay.

B: But it is many times more powerful.

Q: With a purpose, I guess, for tapping the Earth's energy more than just transmitting energy, as in a wireless transmission device.

B: Yes.

Q: Okay. Thank you.

B: Allow me at this time to extend to you once again our appreciation of your willingness to create for you, and for us, the sharing that we are together that continues forever. We will thank you. We will bid you good night.

AUD: Good night.

Nikola Tesla
“In the summer of 1897 Lord Kelvin happened to pass through New York and honored me by a visit to my laboratory where I entertained him with demonstrations in support of my wireless theory. He was fairly carried away with what he saw but, nevertheless, condemned my project in emphatic terms, qualifying it as something impossible, “an illusion and a snare.” I had expected his approval and was pained and surprised. But the next day he returned and gave me a better opportunity for explanation of the advances I had made and of the true principles underlying the system I had evolved. Suddenly he remarked with evident astonishment: “Then you are not making use of Hertz waves?” “Certainly not,” I replied, “these are radiations. No energy could be economically transmitted to a distance by any such agency. In my system the process is one of true conduction which, theoretically, can be effected at the greatest distance without appreciable loss.” I can never forget the magic change that came over the illustrious philosopher the moment he freed himself from that erroneous impression. The skeptic who would not believe was suddenly transformed into the warmest of supporters. He parted from me not only thoroughly convinced of the scientific soundness of the idea but strongly exprest his confidence in its success…” [Nikola Tesla, “Famous Scientific Illusions.” Electrical Experimenter, February, 1919]

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