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Tesla Tower and Lab

“As though I am poor with words. I still didn't explain it enough what would be necessary to increase up to twelve stations: eight in Croatia, each of the same construction like at Wardenclyffe and only 20 meters high - a ball five meters in diameter - the station would be using diesel oil for energy with mechanical action - my air turbines, steam powered, electrically or other manners of transforming into alternating electrical current with sixty billion volts pressure without danger. I am waiting for Governor Subasic to select one station on top of Mt. Lovcen. There will not be any light, electrical energy will deliver particles through space with the speed of 118,837,370,000 centimeters per second. This is 394,579 the speed of light. As I said about airplanes it can be used for tanks, trucks, automobiles and various machines in factories, with hydroelectrical wheels and unlimited other machines. The particles can be larger than that of the diameter of an Hydrogen atom with metals of all kinds of materials and sent to all distances and good results in war and bring about peace. Particles are practical with neutrons, because, they are 3,723 times [heavier] lighter than electricity or electrons that cannot penetrate space for great distances. In my attempts with an effective 20 million volts, electrons carried 40 times more electricity than normally and penetrated two meters in depth and terrible damage in a moment each. I have to finish because that I give you a fresh view.” [attributed to Nikola Tesla, no source reference]

"It is just like this: In an enterprise of this kind, you have to start with certain fundamental propositions. If you are to build a commercial plant, the question comes up how much money is it to cost. Now, you go to specify before your capitalists the various parts of the plant, and you will find that your machinery and the aerial structure will cost. so much. If your capitalists are willing to go deep into their pockets, you can put up a tremendous antenna because, as you know, as i pointed out in 1893, that the effects will be proportionate to the capital invested in that part; but you will find great limits there.
I designed a plant [Wardenclyffe, referring to Fig. 83] years ago with a large capacity and put it before certain architects. They figured that the antenna would cost $450,000 and I had to modify my plans. As you see, you are limited by cost as to the size of the antenna; that is, you are limited as to the capacity and, furthermore, you have selected the frequency. In order to lower the frequency so that there would be no wasteful radiation of energy, you have to employ a large inductance. You have to employ a capacity as large as permissible, and you must use a large inductance in order that you may reach the low frequency which is economical." [Nikola Tesla]

Eric Dollard
"Nikola Tesla was involved in a court case when he was fighting for the survival of his Wardenclyffe tower, and recently the depositions of that court case were recently published by someone by the name of Leland Anderson who is someone who is apparently a competent electrical engineer, and when you read through this you see Tesla saying over and over and over again that his Radio was "non electromagnetic". Repeatedly. But it all fell on deaf ears. Once physicists grabbed a hold of electricity, all knowledge of it ceased. Electrons have nothing to with the flow of electricity. Electrons are the rate at which electricity is destroyed. Electrons are the resistance. The waveform of electron flow is the same waveform produced when you slam on the breaks and you hear that horrible screeching sound, it‘s not a nice harmonic sine wave, it's a very bitter horrible sound with energy dissipation and material flying everywhere. Electricity flows in the space between the wires. This has always been known by electrical engineers. For example if you short out a major electrical circuit you will see the cables violently repel each other as the electromagnetic force attempts to escape from the boundaries their contained between the so-called bounding conductors, but most people are not electrical engineers and don't have to deal with the situation." [Eric Dollard, SBARC]

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