New Concept - Reciprocating Workings of Opposing Poles

Reciprocative Workings of Opposing Poles

North-south poles balance and control the prolating of spheres which Nature needs for the forming of bodies and their division into pairs. They extend in opposite directions at angles of 90-degrees from wave axes to form poles of rotation for spherical body forms. They are the shafts of waves and of all spheres which spin upon shafts.

East-west poles balance and control the oblating of spheres which Nature no longer needs for its body forms. They extend on wave axes to equators of forming spheres. They are the rims of wheels which spin upon the north-south shafts.

North-south poles control the division of equilibrium into two opposite conditions which occupy opposite sides of mutual equators.

East-west poles exercise their control from equators of forming spheres and balance the movements of all orbits and all aphelia and perihelia of orbits as matter appears from its fulcrum and disappears into it.

East west poles mark upon sphere's equators the seeming oscillations of the north-south piston strokes as the compression of gravity and the expansion of radiation cross and recross equators to perform the work of unfolding and folding body forms of Mind-idea.

North-south poles control centripetal windings of spheres which form where the apices of two cones meet, and east-west poles control centrifugal unwindings of spheres and sphere systems into cone bases at wave axes.

North-south poles divide the ONE condition into TWO against the resistance of east-west polarity, while east-west poles unite the TWO conditions into ONE against the resistance of north-south polarity and keep balance between opposite hemispheres and hemispheroids.

North-south polarity, for example, controls the electric division of the one balanced condition of sodium chloride into two unbalanced conditions. Sodium chloride is the fulcrum. Sodium and chlorine are opposite ends of a lever which is extended from the fulcrum like two children on opposite ends of a seesaw.

East-west polarity controls the electric withdrawal of the two extensions into their fulcrum, thus uniting the two extended equators with their fulcrum at wave amplitude. Instead of three equators for the two extensions, there is now but one equator for the united pair.

North-south poles give one of the three dimensions which this dimensionless equilibrium needs for the projection of its illusions, while east-west poles give the other two.

The one dimension of north-south polarity is length, for poles of rotation have no other dimension as they are but one radius of a sphere. The other two dimensions are width and breadth, for equators of spheres are circles, and circles have infinite radii.

North-south poles extend away from each other at an angle of 90-degrees from their equators to divide the universal one condition into two opposed conditions.

East-west poles remain upon the planes of their equators to unite the two divided conditions into one balanced condition.

North-south directions lead away from each other, out into infinity. They are opposites and opposites oppose until depolarization voids all polarity.
[Walter Russell, A New Concept of the Universe, pages 73-74]

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"So stood matters with Mr. Keely until a few years ago, when, fortunately for his hopes of success, a new conception came to him by accident, as he asserts; one of those happy accidents, it would appear, which only men of the unusual capacity called genius are ready to take advantage of. Just what this conception was, Mr. Keely, with business-like caution, keeps to himself. The public, for the present at least, must be content with its visible results; but these are sufficiently noteworthy to amply repay consideration. They indicate two things: First, that Mr. Keely is no longer dealing with a power arising from gaseous pressure; and, second, that he has made this power capable of producing rotation, levitation, and other effects of mechanical energy. What he claims, in regard to the source of his new system of power, is that he is able to draw vibratory energy directly from space by the aid of special resonating expedients, and that this energy can be made to yield powerful attractive and repulsive force and be converted into vigorous rotary motion through the use of certain apparatus. The power obtained, he asserts, is duplex, or has two opposed conditions, like the positive and negative states of electricity. Mr. Keely denominates these conditions positive and negative, though with the reservation that these terms do not imply excess and deficiency, but simply opposite conditions of energy. He is able, he declares, to disturb the equilibrium of these opposed states of vibratory activity as they exist in the elements of nature, to draw them separately into his apparatus, and to produce mechanical motion as a result of the effort of nature to restore the disturbed equilibrium." [Apergy - Power Without Cost]

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