It is known, for example, that for the liquefaction of brown coal (lignite) appropriate catalysts are required. Here there is no uniformity, because everything is bipolar and therefore it is necessary to make a clear distinction between positive and negative catalysts. The chemical reaction itself is of no interest biologically speaking, and the whole thing must be considered from a higher standpoint, otherwise it would be impossible, for example, to liquefy hard coal (anthracite), i.e. to transfer it to the next higher state of evolvement. This also applies to calcium (combusted marble) and other insoluble basic substances. That a falling temperature gradient is of decisive importance for biological processes of development, has already been emphasised elsewhere. Since science, which thinks too mechanistically, has also failed to grasp this, it would unable to understand the naturalesque interpretation of the concept of 'reaction', which here is to be understood as a process of ur-genesis. Without this there would be no reproduction or further development, which is responsible for higher-grade emulsions, namely the inner fusion (marriage) of etherialised primary substances in the 4th spacial dimension. As long as the [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, The Catalysts]

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