receptive transmittive concordance

Same as sympathetic concordance, Love, Entanglement, Sympathetic Association.

"It [the sphere] is now in condition to denote the sympathetic concordance between living physical organisms, or the receptive transmittive concordance necessary to induce rotation."'' [from 19.02 - Theory of the Induction of Sympathetic Chords to Excite Rotation] [underline added; this sentence shows the connection to people as we've seen in Atlin, Keely calls this connection sympathetic concordance and is "necessary" to induce rotation]

"Every body capable of rotation is susceptible to the operation of force, which, applied, impels motion. Receptive transmittive concordance induces rotation. This simply means the reception of streams of energy by the neutral center, and the transforming of them into radiant outflowing streams of energy causes rotation of the molecule or mass. All the magnets in the world, no matter how differentiated cannot induce rotation, but polar negative attraction induces rotation. The earth's rotation is caused and kept in continuance by the action of the positive and negative sympathetic celestial streams, that is, by the inflowing celestial from the sun and the outflowing radiant celestial dispersing this same energy to all planetary masses in space. [ROTATION - Snell]

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