Lighter Than Air

Lighter Than Air

A discovery so marvelous that it makes Peruna look like a soft drink has been reported from Seattle. It is that of the so-called "odic-activity ray" and is credited to Prof. Edgar L. Hollingshead, if we may believe all that we read. The principle of the thing is ridiculously simple. This ray makes heavy things light, to as great a degree as any one may wish. The idea is not exactly new, as more than one Jules Verne has conceived of a force that would counter and then overcome that of gravitation. It is predicted that steel vessels of the air will this be made as light as bubbles. Imagine Dempsey and Carpenter each with a chunk of this ray in his shoes. It would be better than fighting on the moon. Then again, talking of fighting, the ray would make newlyweds' biscuits lighter than sea foam, and lastly, flotation would be backed off the map. Where would Minerals Separation be then, poor thing!
from Engineering and Mining Journal, Volume 112

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