7.20 - Eleventh

"If it be possible let us conceive of an envelope with an equator, but destitute of poles, a number of these rotating over the sphere, this atomolic envelope possessing an almost infinite attractive force toward the center of the molecule, pressing in the intermolecular substance, where it is held until this revolving envelope becomes negatized by a certain order of vibration, when the enclosing matter rushes out to its natural condition of concordant tenuity, as in the case of gunpowder, dynamite, and nitroglycerine. This force, we must see, has been held in the embrace of the rotating envelopes of the unit structures, or where does it come from? This force at the time of an explosion was liberated by shock or fire, both being orders of imparted motion or vibration. How much greater the result would be were we to associate a scientific instrument now completed, and shortly to be given to the world, with such an agent as nitroglycerine; one pound of nitroglycerine would have its destructive force augmented beyond all possible control. These instruments are carefully concealed by wise masters from all persons save the few who are already prepared to study their potency with the exclusive end in view of aiding the real scientific progress of humanity; and, furthermore, it may be truly stated that a ferocious sensualist, however powerful his intellect, would be utterly unable to either comprehend or operate one of these marvelous constructions." [Keely, 1893]

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Energy Liberated from Matter
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Libertation of atomic and nuclear energies. Using his Compound Disintegrator (at right) Keely could progressively dissociate molecules to their atomic constituent parts; then dissociate those atoms into their constituent parts and so on. This is to say Keely could "slow release" a chemical (molecular) explosion under full and safe control at whatever speed he desired that release to be. Likewise he could "slow release" an atomic explosion and even a nuclear release at will. He did all this (and more) using a fine and masterly control over oscillation and vibration through his marvelous analog machines. This particular device at right is in the American Precision Museum.
Keely's Compound Disintegrator
Keely's Compound Disintegrator
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More photos of this amazing device can be seen here.

Figure 7.12 - Keely's Compound Disintegrator - an analog Complex Signal Generator

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