12.35 - End of The Electron Theory

This concept of deriving varying degrees of attraction by virtue of angular impact and reradiation could be the end of the theory of the discrete particularized electron - and not by the quantity of discrete electrons (as particles) in orbiting shells around a nucleus. Which electron, by the way, was originally defined to be the least QUANTITY (or quanta) of electrical charge and not a thing. Therefore "electron" is a quantity of measurement (such as a gallon or yard) and never was intended to be a thing, discrete and individuated unto itself.

"This result is telling us that the physics of current flow cannot be described by electrons alone," Phillips said. "This means that the cuprates are even weirder than previously thought: Something other than electrons carries the current."

Read more at: http://phys.org/news/2013-03-electrons-cuprate-superconductors-defy-convention.html#jCp

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