"The first step in the organization of thought therefore, is to reduce the complexity of knowledge to a more or less simple program and to discover from the whole philosophical literature of the race those parts which are of primary significance. He who uses this process will soon discover that beneath a vast and complex philosophical literature are a few basic principles. These principles once grasped, equip the mind to cope with any issue with at least a fair measure of true intelligence.” [Manly Palmer Hall (A Monthly Letter, May 1st 1934)]

Good seed in good earth produces a multiple of itself in fruit. The seed grows and its multiplication proceeds with the aid of contra-directional influences. These influences are higher forms of organisation stemming from the Earth and the Cosmos. Substances that are ripe must either fall upwards or downwards. When water is decomposed inner-atomically, then what finally remains is the substance - water, the H-substance[2]. This H-substance is the polarity, which strengthens itself through these influences. It is the ur-child that draws in essences and energies from above and below and in this way it grows. [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, Letter to Werner Zimmermann]

If air is produced, then water is in the minority. The increase in this case is the air mixture and the 4th dimension that emerges from it - motion as matter. Out of this motion the 5th dimension ultimately comes into being, i.e. the radiant product, the spirit. This spirit can materialise itself. Conversely, a solid, liquid or gaseous substance can of course be spiritualised as well. Whether one desires to produce one or the other intermediate product is merely a question of the dosing of the intermediate process. The dosing of either heat or cold. The organ that comes into being either in this way or the other is a result of the organisation. [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, Letter to Werner Zimmermann]

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