"Hence it may truly be said that to be at-variance may bring sickness, dis-ease, disruption, distress in a physical body. It is true then that the mind may heal entirely by the spoken word, by the laying on of hands, dependent upon the CONSCIOUSNESS of the motivative forces in the individual body. Yet those requiring material expression to create a balance may necessitate drug, knife, water, heat, Electricity, or ANY of those forces that are yet what? What is the spirit? The MANIFESTATION OF GOD! The CREATIVE Force working in, with and upon what? The awareness, the interconsciousness of the BODY, the mind, the spirit, as separated in individuals! O that all would gain JUST that! and not feel, "Yes, I understand - but my desires and my body and my weaknesses and this or that - and I didn't do it." Who else did?" Cayce (262-83)
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