curved pressure

"Within the Magnetic cube of zero curvature a universe of opposed curved-pressures is born. Each curved pressure within it is a lens to multiply or divide, heat or freeze, compress or expand, solidify or vaporize all pressures of motion which pass through its concavity or convexity. In this manner God's curved universe of curved directions and curved cellular forms appear upon His Cosmic screen for an interval to simulate the many and the complex, and then disappear into His Oneness to rest for an interval between thought-pulsation frequencies. Thus the cube, which is the Oneness of all form, is imaged as the sphere in God's imaged universe. The cube and the sphere are one. The sphere is an incandescent cube, and the cube is a frozen sphere. The planes of the cube are nine, and their projections into the spectrum of the incandescent sphere are nine." [Atomic Suicide, page 114]

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