noun: profane or obscene expression usually of surprise or anger
noun: a severe affliction
noun: something causes misery or death
noun: an evil spell ("A witch put a curse on his whole family")
noun: an appeal to some supernatural power to inflict evil on someone or some group
verb: utter obscenities or profanities
verb: wish harm upon; invoke evil upon ("The bad witch cursed the child")
verb: heap obscenities upon ("The taxi driver who felt he didn't get a high enough tip cursed the passenger")

"First, there was the episode of the Fig Tree. I was hungry and went to the tree not really expecting to find fruit because it was not the right season for figs. When my search was 'unfruitful', I cursed the fig tree.
Twenty four hours later, it was shrivelled to its roots.
It was a shocking experience. It was the first time my words had caused harm to anything.
However, it clearly demonstrated, for my disciples, the power of THOUGHT for good or evil. It showed them that the more spiritually evolved a person is, the greater is the impact of their words on the environment.
I took the opportunity to point out to my disciples that I had thoughtlessly behaved as does the average man or woman who - when having high expectations - cannot get what they want.
They usually react with anger, tears, hostility, and even sharp words which might or might not amount to a kind of 'ill-wishing' or cursing of the person who has denied them their heart's desire. They had now seen for themselves what my cursing had done to the fig tree.
They should now be able to understand that whilst a strong conviction would bring about anything they might desire and imagine, they must also be constantly aware of their own mental-emotional condition. They must not harbour resentment against others but must swiftly forgive, otherwise they could do much damage to those they resented ... which damage would return to them, in due course, as a harvest of their sowing.
Furthermore, as one sows so does one reap. I knew that what I had done to the fig tree would inevitably return to me in one form or another." [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 3, page 14]

"Every single person who realises that from their eyes is radiated potent life-force to those at whom the vision is directed, can know that their glance, that penetrating look, that smiling gaze has benefited the one who received it.
For everything we - yes, you and I, the CHRIST, think and do is an act of consciousness - and consciousness is life-force. With the activity of our minds, yours and mine, we shape our consciousness, our life-force into different forms which will bless or curse the environment." [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 4, page 8]

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