The odic-activity ray, more powerful than the X-ray or the radium ray, is to completely conquer the air.

The giant sky liner, safe as any conveyance ever perfected, equal in luxury and comfort to the palatial greyhounds of the ocean lanes, is a possibilty and probability of the near future.

These were the announcements made by Prof. Edgar L. Hollingshead, scientist of Pasadena, in an exclusive interview in May, 1921.

For, he declares, this powerful ray will make metals so light that a huge steel sky ship would become light as a bubble.

Not only this, but the odic-activity ray, Prof. Hollingshead claims, will take the place of radium, valued at $120,000 a gram, and revolutionize the scientific world in the treatment of certain diseases.

And the cost of lightening metals, of using the rays for medical purposes, is so minute as to be almost negligible.

The odic-activity ray, according to Prof. Hollingshead, so far has successfully changed the weight of metal over 100 times in as many tests; it has caused hard clay to explode the instant the ray touched it; rock, opaque to the eye, has been made transparent and by means of the ray, an actual photograph has been taken through a solid sheet of lead. One application of the ray on metal has caused it to become permanently cold beyond the possibility of ever becoming heated. And it has instantly changed water into its primary gases hydrogen and oxygen.
[from Ernest Jack Stevens : Vibrations, their principles; light and colors, their uses]

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