Constructive Cubes

Cubic spaces defined by limits and dynamics of contained Forces and Energies. A virtual cube defined by limits of dynamcs but not defined by Space although occupying definable Space. In other words the Space Geometry of these Cubes is established and defined by contained dynamics or motions but not created and defined by the Cubes themselves.


Cubes and Cone Geometry
The geometric cone shapes are actually dynamic spinning vortices.
Six Poles
Six Poles Meeting at Neutral Center

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6.14.1 - Mirror Cube Cube Matrix Russell's cubes are not isolated individual cubes throughout space. They are a continuity of virtual cubes interlaced with 0 centers and 4++ centers. Part 03 - Polarity Creates Rotating Vortex Part 04 - Rotation on Three Planes Part 05 - Three Rotating Planes Become Spheres Part 06 - Formation of Cubes

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