Awakening to the higher attributes of Mind or Consciousness. Cosmic or Christ Consciousness.

Molecular terrestrial masses, composed of the "ultimate ether" bound latent in substance, are sympathetically drawn to the earth's neutral center according to the density of their molecular aggregation, from which must be deducted their celestial sympathetic outreach. In other words, molecular weight consists in the difference between these forces. Either one can be intensified by polar or antipolar vibrations, giving either one predominance. If the celestial (repulsive) predominates, the mass will rise, its velocity proportionate to the concentration of the dominant or the "negative thirds of its mass chords" inducing high neutral radiation together with "celestial attraction." The "terrestrial propulsive" and "celestial attractive" cause ascension and the "celestial propulsive" and "terrestrial attractive" cause descension or increased weight. [GRAVITY - Snell]

Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth
"As you seek to raise your frequencies of spiritual consciousness through radiating love to all unconditionally, so will you be going through a slow ASCENSION in CONSCIOUSNESS which will dynamically affect your physical health and your earthly conditions." [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 4, page 22]

Rudolf Steiner
"Human evolution will evolve as a gradual ascent into the cosmos. This will have to occur by degrees, it cannot be caught in a flash. Were human beings not to want to participate in this with patience, then the power of the eye situated on the head of the ancients would not stream through their entire being, through all their organs, as an aura of love. This power would exhaust itself, and human beings would have to separate themselves off in love-lessness from what is outside them and wither away. Human beings are called upon, however, to permeate everything on their planet with love, to take the planet with them and to redeem it. The redemption of our inner self cannot take place without the redemption of what is outside us. Human beings have to redeem the planet along with themselves. Redemption can only occur if human beings pour their forces out into the cosmos. The human being has not only to become one who is redeemed, but a redeemer." [Rudolf Steiner, lecture 21Oct1907, GA 62]

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