right angles

The entire mechanical principal of Nature, by means of which its light illusions of motion are produced, is the consequent effect of such radial extensions. Because of it, the seeming multiplication and division of the universal equilibrium into the opposed electrical pressures of gravitation and radiation, which form the foundation of this universe of change, are made possible. (Fig. 3)
God's imaginings extend from rest to rest in His three-dimensional radial universe of length, breadth and thickness - to become the stage of space for His imagined radial universe of matter, time, change and motion. (Fig. 4)
Points of rest, further extended to other points of rest, form three reflecting planes of still magnetic Light which are at right angles to each other. (Fig. 4) From the center of these three mirror planes of zero curvature, God's givings are radially projected to six opposed mirror planes for reprojection as regivings, to unfold

page 220

and refold the forms of God's imaginings in the curved electric universe of His desiring. (Fig. 5)" [The Secret of Light, PART III: Omnipresence The Universe of Being Postulates and Diagrams, page 219-220]

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