Some interesting quotes from the Quran/Koran

WOMEN (an-Nisa'): 171. O People of the Scripture! Do not exaggerate in your religion, and do not say about God except the truth. The Messiah, Jesus, the son of Mary, is the Messenger of God, and His Word that He conveyed to Mary, and a Spirit from Him. So believe in God and His messengers, and do not say, “Three.” Refrain—it is better for you. God is only one God. Glory be to Him—that He should have a son. To Him belongs everything in the heavens and the earth, and God is a sufficient Protector. [Quran in English, page 42-43, www.clearquran.com]

DP: Perhaps you can answer a question for me about the Quran. In it I read the use of the pronoun "We" in most of the sections. It says "we" did this or "we" did that. Can you explain what or who this "we" is? I asked this same question on one of the Quran groups but they immediately deleted my question.

YS: Dale Pond it is the "royal we." It is Allah, and it is used to denote His majesty and power. It is like in the Hebrew Bible the word Elohim is used, which is a plural. The name Elohim is also used to denote majesty and power. This is common among many languages, particularly Semitic languages, though we don't use it much in English in modern times.

DP: Yusuf Scott Thank you for your reply. What you say confirms (more or less) what I was thinking it meant: spirit, angels, god-like beings, deities, etc. Elohim seems to be a good definition if taken in the plural.

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