Steam Engine

Power from Water and Fire - Trencherfield Mill is a cotton spinning mill standing on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, Wigan, Greater Manchester. It was built in 1907 It was taken over by the Lancashire Cotton Corporation in the 1930s and passed to Courtaulds in 1964. It was driven by a 2,500 hp triple expansion four cylinder engine by J& E Wood of Bolton built in 1907. The engines were called "Rina: and "Helen" they drove a 26ft flywheel with 54 ropes at 68rpm. The engine was stopped in 1968 now restored. It is part of the Wigan Pier redevelopment area.

"Like fire, which is a spiritual order of vibration, spirit is latent in all matter. One might as well try to operate a steam engine without its boiler as to give motion to matter against the conditions imposed by nature, or to propose a new method of controlling the action of our physical organisms (other than through the sympathetic transfer of our mental forces) as an improvement on the one instituted by the Almighty." [Newton of the Mind]

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