Odic Activity

"Considering electricity or any of the so-called natural forces of nature from this standpoint, we find that we have in reality two forces in one:- we have a rectilinear action and also a rotating action in all forces. We can illustrate this action by considering a stream of water. Suppose we have a stream of water flowing at twenty miles per hour; the atoms making up the molecules of this water are traveling in circular progression at thousands of miles per seconds. This same condition I have proved to be existent in the nature of electricity, and I have also proved that these eddies of force making up the body or amperage of electricity can be broken up and the force corresponding to the electronic force in matter released. This force I have given the name of "Odic Activity," due to the principles employed in releasing or generating the same.

I have found that the rate of speed of Odic Activity can be changed; its polarity reversed, and its direction of discharge controlled, as I have changed its rate all the way from where it would affect a photographic plate the same as ordinary light clear up to a point where it has disintegrated matter the instant it touched it." [The Odic Ray - Its Origin and Nature]

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