Luminiferous Ether - Maxwell

Boltzman, Gibson, Barclay, Hopkinson and Gladstone's Experiments. Square Root of the Dielectric Capacity Equal to the Refractive Index. Phil. Trans. 1871, p. 573. Maxwell, Vol. II, ยง 788. Maxwell has argued elaborately upon results of some of the above experimenters upon the theory that the luminiferous ether is the medium for transmission of electricity, light and magnetism; therefore he predicted that the relation stated in the title above should exist. He acknowledged that the relation is sufficiently near a constant to show in connection with other results, especially those obtained, that his theory is probably correct. [Roentgen Rays and Phenomena of the Anode and Cathode Principles, page 10]

"In several parts of this treatise an attempt has been made to explain electromagnetic phenomena by means of mechanical action transmitted from one body to another by means of a medium occupying the space between them. We have now to show that the properties of the electromagnetic medium are identical with those of the luminiferous medium.
To fill all the space with a new medium whenever any new phenomenon is to be explained is by no mean philosophical, but if the study of different branches of science has independently suggested the idea of a medium, and if the properties which must be attributed to the medium in order to account for electromagnetic phenomena are of the same kind as those which we attribute to the luminiferous medium in order to account for the phenomena of light, the evidence for the physical existence of the medium will be considerable straighten." [James Cleark Maxwell, A Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism, Vol I (Chapter XX, Article 781)]

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