Figure 7.12 - Keelys Compound Disintegrator

Energy Liberated from Matter
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Libertation of atomic and nuclear energies. Using his Compound Disintegrator (at right) Keely could progressively dissociate molecules to their atomic constituent parts; then dissociate those atoms into their constituent parts and so on. This is to say Keely could "slow release" a chemical (molecular) explosion under full and safe control at whatever speed he desired that release to be. Likewise he could "slow release" an atomic explosion and even a nuclear release at will. He did all this (and more) using a fine and masterly control over oscillation and vibration through his marvelous analog machines. This particular device at right is in the American Precision Museum.
Keely's Compound Disintegrator
Keely's Compound Disintegrator
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More photos of this amazing device can be seen here.

Figure 7.12 - Keely's Compound Disintegrator - an analog Complex Signal Generator

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