noun: (logic) a self-contradiction
noun: A tenet or proposition contrary to received opinion, or seemingly absurd, yet true in fact.
noun: a statement consisting of two parts that seem to mean the opposite of each other.

This whole concept (Russell Vortex Theory) is so different from what people usually conceive it is near incredible for many. Hence the difficulty in gaining acceptance of its decipherment. Yes, music a part of it but no music (as we know music) is not a part of it. Yes, there are spinning rings but they are also spirals in dynamic collapse and extension. Yes, there are points of their manifestation along a shaft but they are not points but loci of discrete function and dynamic. Yes, there are things but no thing exists. See how it can get unwieldy? We must move from considering "things" to understanding function and dynamic in their places. Ideas are beautifully simple and elegant. The implementation of them can be a complex nightmare. Much of this boils down to resolving seeming paradoxes. [Dale Pond]

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