"There is a celestial mind force, a great sympathetic force which is life itself, of which everything is composed." [Keely see Celestial Radiation]

"All material bodies, organic and inorganic, live and grow by increasingly fast motion. They also die and decay by increasingly fast motion." [Atomic Suicide, page 21]

Gravity (aggregation of matter) is the Life, Sex and Power Principle

Figure 7.8 - Gravity (aggregation of matter) is the Life, Sex and Power Principle.
(courtesy of University of Science and Philosophy)
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"Now look at your chart and find carbon in the fourth octave symbolized by a cube centering a sun. From that point on death begins and multiplies its power to die in the same ratio as it has multiplied its power to live. In other words, it now accumulates as much centrifugal speed to disappear into its invisible Source as it accumulated centripetal speed on the way to its destination in carbon. The only difference is that the genero-active speed of compression is inward from the outside until maturity in carbon, and after that its radio-active speed explodes outward from the inside. In each case the inward speed of 186,400 miles per second is reached at the maximum point of life in carbon, and the outward speed is reached at the amplitude of the 9th octave, just beyond the transuranium elements, which is the maximum point of universal death." [Atomic Suicide, page 34-35]

"...the expression of life in the material world is the expression of the force called God." [Cayce (1152)]

"For, life is continued; life itself is a consciousness, a gift of an infinite influence we may call God." [Cayce‬ 2399-1]

"For man IS flesh, as man is of Divine origin. And the mind of man, though it may - through the prunings, the trainings, the guidings in that direction for ages upon ages - become somewhat purified, only that portion of the mind that IS divine can know, does know, that life IS the manifestation of God in motion." [Cayce (1298-1) (underline added)]

"For in patience, as He gave, ye become aware of thy soul. For as the entity finds, we are body, we are mind, we are soul. The soul is in the image of God, thus eternal, everlasting. Life in its expression, then, in a mental and in a material world, is only a mental and material manifestation of the soul-entity; that which was brought into being as a part of Creative Forces. Thus it is eternal." [Cayce (3459-1)]

"Life in its manifestations is vibration. Electricity is vibration. But vibration that is creative is one thing. Vibration that is destructive is another. Yet they may be from the same source. As in the electrical forces in the form or nature prepared even for use in the body."

Q - "What is my ray?"
A - "Depends on what you are thinking. Remember life is vibration. So is mind. So is matter. As to the ray, this changes. Don't think you sit on a ray and it carries you along. You make the ray." [Cayce (1861-16)]

"All life IS one, all conditions then are relative as one to another... For what is WAS, and ever will be; so far as the spirit, the life, the soul is concerned - even of things." [Cayce (1402-1)]

"Life is creative, and is the manifestation of that energy, that oneness, which may never be WHOLLY discerned or discovered in materiality, and yet is the basis of all motivative forces and influences in the experiences of an individual." [Cayce (2012-1)]

"For life and death are one, and only those who will consider the experience as one may come to understand or comprehend what peace indeed means." [Cayce (1977-1)]

"For hope and faith are living - living - things! Thus hope springs anew with the growth and the knowledge and the understanding of the light on the way, and that life indeed is an eternal expression of the love of the Father; and that as it gives the expression through the individuality of each and every soul as it comes in material manifestation by the weaknesses, we find the strength in the Lord - and in the glories ever in His beauteous purpose with each soul; that purpose that ye might be the companions, one with Him." [Cayce (1504-1)]

"Fear not, I am with thee." This should be upon the mind, the heart; that there may be the renewing of the life-flow in the blood of the body, that the organs thereof may be attuned to the spirituality . . " [Cayce (1089-2)]

"...And as the electrical vibrations are given, know that Life itself - to be sure - is the Creative Force or God, yet its manifestations in man are electrical - or vibratory." [Cayce (1299-1)]

"For Life and its expressions are one. Each soul or entity will and does return, or cycle, as does nature in its manifestations about man; thus leaving, making or presenting - as it were - those infallible, indelible truths that it - Life - is continuous. And though there may be a few short years in this or that experience, they are one; the soul, the inner self being purified, being lifted up, that it may be one with that first cause, that first purpose for its coming into existence." [Cayce (938-1)]

"Hence again might that injunction be given the entity not to be too easily discouraged. Brace up! Know in what ye have believed and do believe, but know who is also the author of such. For life is real, life is earnest, and the grave is not the goal!" [Cayce (1792-2)]

"Life is, in all its manifestations in every animate force, creative force in action; and is the love of expression - or expressing that life; truth becoming a result of life's love expressed. For, these are but names - unless experienced in the consciousness of each soul." [Cayce (262-46)]

R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz
"LIFE is the faculty of reacting.
This formula extends the definition of Life to include minerals. We do not distinguish inorganic bodies from organic bodies so as to accord life only to the latter. We admit that there are organized beings and others which are not yet organized; but the latter bear, in their characteristics, (for example, chemical affinity), the elements that give an impetus for future organization. This, however, will not take place in a continuous fashion, but through the necessary destruction of forms for the purpose of "rebirth" - so to speak - in higher states. It is not the form that is transmitted, but the "permanent" moment of the Substance. This permanent moment (the Egyptian ka) registers the experience of transitory form. Thus Life is, in all things, a ternary complex formed by an active Cause against a passive resistance that is nonetheless reactive in turn. This reaction is the apparent effect, and the whole is the vital phenomenon." [R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz, The Temple in Man, page 31 see Law of Assimilation, Rhythmic Balanced Interchange]

"...the force of Life is the expression of the Father." A Dialogue on Awakening

"The 1944 book "What is Life?" by Nobel-laureate physicist Erwin Schrodinger served largely to stimulate this research. In this book, Schrodinger states that life feeds on negative entropy, or negentropy as it is sometimes called. Recent writings have utilized the concept of Gibbs free energy to elaborate on this issue." Wikipedia, Entropy and Life

Life is wisdom; death is belief. To be in wisdom is to be in health, happiness and eternal life; to be in belief, is to be in error, disease, and death. It was belief that Jesus sought to destroy by bringing life and immortality to light in the Gospel; and that life was Christ.” [Phineas Parkhurst Quimby, Life and Death are Opposite States of Existence]

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