Dimension, in SVP, refers to the strata of subdivisions of matter and force; i.e., varying proportional mixtures of syntropy and entropy. In the chart below we can see nine subdivisions of matter from Molecular (solid matter) to Compound Interetheric (Mind). Each subdivision (horizontal row) is contemplated or contexted as a "dimension" in SVP. [See Russell's Eighteen Attributes or Dimensions, subdivision]

Illustration of the interpenetration of these dimensions or subdivisions. Each of these represents a Dimension, Subdivision, Plane, Realm or Field.
  1. Fill a volume of space with golf balls. The volume of space is full of golf balls but still has empty (non-occupied) space between the gold balls.
  2. Fill the spaces between the gold balls with small pebbles. The volume of space is full of golf balls and pebbles but still has empty (non-occupied) space.
  3. Pour in sand which fills the holes between the pebbles. The volume of space is full of golf balls, pebbles and sand but still has empty (non-occupied) space.
  4. Pour water into the volume of space filling the remaining spaces.
NOTE: The volume of space never was empty. While it appeared to be empty of physical objects it was however permeated with radio, light and other forms of non-visible energies. see Vacuum

Chart of Matter and Energy

Chart of Matter and Energy

Another way of showing similar categorization of Matter, Force and Energy states.

Chart of Matter and Energy

Chart of Matter and Energy

Dimensional or Inter-Dimensional Beings
"There is much atmospheric celestial material that has never been revealed to man's senses. Attenuated elements extend to infinite reaches beyond hydrogen, including actual substances or compounds which have never been revealed to our senses. Beings fashioned of these substances could walk by our sides unseen and cast no shadow in the noonday sun." [Keely, The Operation of the Vibratory Circuit, The Connecting Link Between Mind and Matter - Keelys Progress - Part 2]

"...dimensions really are only differences in your state of mind." [Dialogue on Awakening, page 238]

"Bear in mind, at all times, that your SOURCE of BEING is in two states -

The ACTIVE state of your SOURCE of BEING is the dimension in which you have been conceived and given individualization.
The EQUILIBRIUM of UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS is the dimension of perfect silence and stillness, in which the underlying IMPULSES OF CREATIVITY are locked together in an embrace of mutual restraint." [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 9, page 8]

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