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It is an exothermic effect in respect to the apple, and an endothermic effect in respect to the planet.

The absorption of the apple's electric potential by the planet is a gravitational effect because the apple and the planet mutually attract each other and it is also an electric effect because of the absorption of the positive charge of one by the other.

Both apple and planet fall toward each other.

If the apple were as large and as dense as the planet, both would move toward each other with equal speed.

The apple is so small and the planet so large that the deviation of the earth's path is negligible.

Not so with a body like the moon, however, which materially affects the earth's orbit as the two unequal partners whirl in their celestial dance.

Returning to the apple and the planet, as the positive charge of the apple continues its centripetal journey toward the centre of the planet, the negative discharge of the apple expands toward disappearance in the opposite direction.

One "falls," the other "rises." It is the positive charge which "falls" and the negative discharge which "rises." The positive charge falls toward positive charge expelling negative discharge as radioactive emanations.

If positive charge falls toward positive charge, it is logical to say that the principle which governs positive charge alone has the ability to attract.

The disintegrated apple rises from the ground because radiation repels it and positive charge expels it.

The negative discharge of the apple seeks the greater expanse of low potential.

Its rising is a radiative effect in respect to the planet from which it is centrifugally rising to seek its own potential.


As it rises, it expands until it finds its orbit in the pressure zone of its potential.

It may impact against the inertial plane of another mass toward which it would centripetally fall and become regenerated.

This would be a gravitative effect in respect to the mass toward which it fell.

Its regeneration by impact against the inertial plane of another mass causes it to contract.

It becomes electro-positive.

Its positive charge is attracted by the potential of the mass toward which it falls and by which it is absorbed as nourishment and finally discharged once more as radiative emanations.

This is the manner of assembling and disassembling of every form of idea.

This is the manner of accumulation and distribution of all energy.

This is the manner in which all bodies are nourished and famished.

This is the process of vitalization and devitalization.

All effects of motion are gravitational and radiational effects. Also they are electric and magnetic effects just as they are likewise chemical effects.

Let us now consider the various gravitational and radiational expressions one by one.

Fortunate it is that all of these expressions have dimensions and that all dimensions are measurable.

Let us first briefly consider them in their relation to the subject under discussion, which is the apparent power to attract or to repel.

Let us then consider ways and means of measuring them and see, if, by so doing, some of nature's long guarded secrets wil not become simple to comprehend and to utilize.


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