Analytic Study of Harmonic Intervals

Analytic Study of Harmonic Intervals

Analytic Study of Harmonic Intervals
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"Analytic Study of Harmonic Intervals" by Dr. Chester Mann. This well written and easy to read and understand detailed analysis of harmonics and partials goes well beyond where Miller, Helmholtz and Tyndall left off. There is a seeming vast mystery in notes, intervals and their interacting harmonics with subtractive (difference) and additive (summation) tones. Dr. Mann delves deeply into this mystery with math and a razor sharp clarity of mind and words. One does not need math to read this book - but it helps. I HIGHLY recommend this book if you are exploring the mysteries of music, sound and vibration. 8.5" x 11" perfect binding. Order here: http://www.svpbookstore.com/Analytic-Study-of-Harmonic-Intervals_p_982.html

Table of Contents

1. Tones and intervals
  • A. Pitch and frequency
  • B. Addition, subtraction, and measurement of intervals
  • C. Timbre and partials
  • D. The acoustic spectrum of an interval
  • E. Periodic motion
  • F. Loudness and intensity
  • G. Phase relations in complex tones
  • H. Vibrato: periodic pulsation
2. The audible phenomena of harmonic intervals
  • A. Interference: basic formulation
  • B. Interference: beats
  • C. Modulation
  • D. Aural harmonics and combination tones
  • E. Aural responses to complex tones
  • F. Loudness profile of the typical aural spectrum
  • G. Masking
3. The aural spectra of commensurable intervals
  • A. Fundamental aspects
  • B. The loudness index
  • C. Pairs of spectral tones
  • D. The indexes of coinciding spectral tones
  • E. Minimum-index tones
  • F. Significant tones of the aural spectrum
  • G. Primary coincidences
  • H. Coincidence of significant spectral tones
  • I. The basic range
  • J. Discernible intervals
  • K. The "third tone"
4. The interpretation of intervals
  • A. Interrelating commensurable intervals
  • B. Choosing coordinates when X0 and yo are not given
  • C. Conjoint intervals
  • D. The aural interpretation of indiscernible
  • E. Beats and the point of division
  • F. Nuclei
  • G. Recognizability of tunings
  • H. Pseudo nuclei
  • I. Accuracy of tunings
  • J. Acceptability of tunings
  • K. Consonance and dissonance
Index of symbols
Index of figures, tables, and plots
Subject index

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