still shaft

"Man makes a big gun by making a long tube which he seals at one end and places an explosive there. He even puts a twist in the bore of the gun; to accelerate the spin of motion around the still shaft which centers that tube. That motionless explosive occupies one still position in this zero universe until he ignites it. What then happens? A two directional explosion takes place. The recoil is equal to the discharge, so he might just as well have left both ends of the gun open as far as the effect of polarization is concerned. The recoil was the opposite direction of polarity, as that explosion began its division of stillness throughout the entire universe, at the speed of 186,400 miles per second.

Let us analyze what has happened. The center of the explosion is an unchangeable point of stillness in the Magnetic Light of Creation, but we will call it gravity because we are seemingly dividing it into a shaft. Because of the tube the explosion cannot expand symmetrically and radially from the point in space which it occupied while still, for it is not enclosed in a sphere. It is enclosed in a shaft. Its spinnings encircle the walls of the tube at ninety degrees to the still shaft, which is developed because the explosion can no longer be centered as one point in space, and, therefore, have but one center of gravity instead of many. It becomes a series of points in space which form a shaft. If you can now comprehend that if the explosion within that tube is obliged to change position and move its centering point of stillness, the projectile which moves is, likewise, a sequence of points of stillness? You cannot see a projectile being ejected from the other end, but its equivalent is in that recoil." [Atomic Suicide, page 291]

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1.17 - Cultivating Stillness

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