polarized gravity centers

"To demonstrate this fact put a cobalt, or steel needle in the position given to the cobalt particle. You will see that both ends are different, and are not interchangeable, unless repolarized in reverse. You might better comprehend this if you lower two needles toward the center of the coil. You will find one reaching out for the north and the other reaching out for the south. Now try again with a steel or cobalt rod as long as the field. By placing it in the conical coil shown in Fig. 70, you will now see that not only are both ends different, but also the middle is different. Both ends are polarized gravity centers for high electric potential, and the middle gives no evidence of gravity, for the electric potential is zero in the middle. (In an unbalanced metal, like cobalt, the middle is a little off-center.) The reason for that is that the middle is the cathode dividing point, and the ends are anodes, which unite as one. In other words, the reason both ends are different is because one end is red - or male end - and the other is blue - or female end. Cobalt is preponderantly blue, or female. The red end of the spectrum is weak in it. Under such conditions of unbalance the polarization process could not possibly eject equal potentials." [Atomic Suicide, page 275-276]

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