downhill flow

"The human senses are easily deceived by what they see when not compensated by knowledge of what is known but cannot be seen. All rivers run forever in only one direction to the sea. Our senses tell us that but we are not deceived by that effect into believing that rivers will die, because we know that they are forever replenished by mists and vapors which we do not so plainly see. Our universe is as eternal as God is eternal. It cannot die for God cannot die. It is true that all of these nebulae are rushing away from each other. They are on their way to disappearance into the zero from which they appeared. That is the way of all things in Nature: That is what is known as the centrifugal downhill flow of the expressed energy of Nature. Its uphill flow is the centripetal spiral of its beginnings. The eternal balance in this rhythmic universe divides these two expressions of Creation equally. As a matter of fact the entirety of Creation is an uphill flow of expressed energy. Its downhill flow does not require an expression of energy. Its downhill flow is its dissolution. Man can interrupt its downhill flow, however, and make it flow uphill again to multiply potential. Nature continually does just that. Creation is an electric effect of compression. Compression multiplies to accumulate mass. Expansion divides to dissolve mass. Compression is an effort which causes tensions in a vacuous condition. Expansion is that vacuous condition. Motion is always seeking a level. The level EXISTS. Motion simulates existence. It requires effort to divide a level into two levels, but the two become one without effort. Compression is always TWO but expansion is ONE, which the two eternally seek.

Life is an expression of interaction between two levels. It requires an efort to maintain the two, but the moment that effort ceases both levels seek the one. That is why life requires continuous effort, but no effort at all is required to die." [Atomic Suicide, page 154]

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