Spoon Bending

The mental and physical art of bending spoons with little or no physical effort.

"The use of the touch of the hands as a channel for conveying mentative energy depends greatly upon the development of the hands by the individual. Those who understand this matter, develop the conductivity of the hands by "treating" them, as follows: Think of your hands as excellent conductors of mentative energy, and imagine that you can feel the energy pouring down the nerves of your arms, and out of your hands, obeying your will, when you shake hands with people. You will soon develop your hands to such a degree that some sensitive persons will actually "feel" the current passing into them. Always accompany the passage of the current with the thought or feeling that you wish to induce in the other person, just as you do when you use the "Dynamic Gaze." In fact, the gaze and the hand-clasp should be used together, when possible, for by so doing you double the effect." [Mind Power by William Walker Atkinson 1862 - 1932]

How to bend a spoon:
1) Relax
2) Hold the spoon LIGHTLY between thumb and forefinger of both hands, end for end.
Your are sympathizing with the spoon.
3) Blank your thinking.
4) When the spoon feels hot or flexible, usually both….
5) Instantly give it a twist and don't stop twisting until the spoon stops twisting.
Everything is made of Mind Substance which means the spoon has consciousness which harmonizes with your own Mind / Heart (not the ego) and will play with you (bend). Thinking with the intellect or ego cannot accomplish this. Feeling / Being with the Heart or Whole Mind can do anything.

Spoon Bending
Collection of Bent Spoons at PSI

Spoon Bending
Collection of Bent Spoons at PSI


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