SVP Online Classes

Many people have emailed or called in looking for SVP classes or training. I hear you! Let me see a show of hands or mouse clicks. If you are interested in attending moderately priced live SVP online classes (about 1-2 hours in length) send me at: email dalesvp@gmail.com. If there are at least 10 interested we'll begin classes. Below are a few questions submitted by students to be addressed within the SVP Online Classes. These are great questions and I look forward to getting into the nitty-gritty of each of them. The questions have been roughly grouped according to topic. The order given may not be the order the material is presented. The present list is a "rough draft" and will be rearranged as more questions come in for consideration. If you would like to attend these classes please submit your inquiry!

"The mathematics of vibratory etheric science, both pure and applied, require long and arduous research. It seems to me no man's life is long enough to cover more than the introductory branch. The theory of elliptic functions, the calculus of probabilities, are but pygmies in comparison to a science that requires the utmost tension of the human mind to grasp." [Keely, ETHER - Snell]

SVP Spring Workshop 2017

In the meantime may I suggest Bruel & Kjaer's online webinars? Some of these are free. These practical and well done webinars are very good and will prepare you well for the SVP classes.

Bruel & Kjaer online webinars, some are free: http://www.bksv.com/Courses/Webinars.aspx

SVP Classes and Institute news will be covered/discussed on our Facebook pages
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Sympathetic Vibratory Physics
Musical Dynasphere
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Background Materials (required reading)
Keely and His Discoveries
Keelys Accomplishments
Keely's Forty Laws
Vera Vita - the Philosophy of Sympathy
7.9 - Ultimate Constitution of Matter and Action of Force Regulating its Phenomena

Tentative Course Outline
all listings are subject to change at any time for any reason

Basic Principles of Sound and Vibration

  1. Principles of Vibration and Rotation.
  2. Is there a link between SVP and the Golden Mean? Is the ratio anywhere in the Dynasphere for instance? Or the Charts?
Topics Covered (not necessarily in order given)

Love, Harmony, Sympathy and Consciousness

  1. I really want to understand is music and the acoustics that go with it as it pertains to sympathy. In other words, how does one figure out the hertz frequencies related to sympathy?, (i.e. middle C to 2nd A) and how can we understand that simply?
  2. Mind force itself. (origin of Mind)
  3. Sympathetic Consciousness.
  4. Love and it's role in the creation of matter and energy.
Topics Covered (not necessarily in order given)
  • Music, sensual vs natural
  • Notes, intervals
  • Flats, sharps
  • Scales
  • Overtone Series
  • Harmony, Discord
  • Concordance, discordance
  • Sympathy
  • Love, consciousness, Mind, Scalar
  • Sympathetic vibration, oscillation, association
  • Connecting Link
  • Audible, inaudible
  • Color, Light, Music scale, rainbow, differentiation
  • Endocrine system, chakras

Vibration, Light and Etheric (Quantum) Forces

  1. If tones stacked together make chords which we hear with our ears, how do we perceive the same kind of thing in light? In other words, are the primary colors the roots and then are the secondary colors (which are mixtures of the primaries) "chords" to our eyes? Then the tertiary, etc? Since it's a musical universe and our eyes are simply just a mechanism to see a higher wavelength then sound waves, how does music theory apply to light?
  2. Music and its relation to Etheric forces and manifestations from the Neutral Center.
Topics Covered (not necessarily in order given)
  • Music Theory applied to Light, etc.
  • Colors
  • Etheric (quantum) forces - scalar, mind
  • Neutral Center
  • Syntropy, Bonding, Coupling
  • Keely's Morphology
  • Molecule, Atom, Etheron, Mind (CIE)

Personal Awakening

  1. Personal development of individual by finding true Self and gather desire for expressing that Self to the World. (human tuning to God)
  2. Musical machines that produce such a sound or octaves that lift man's consciousness to higher level (or make them experience Divine moments such as leaving your body or super senses or extra-psychological abilities) (human development).
Topics Covered (not necessarily in order given)

Making SVP Practical

  1. How can an ordinary guy make a project or build a machine at home that demonstrates the principles and laws Keely observed?
  2. Electric energy generation based on fine tuning of mind-machines that are build on SVP basis. (Energy generation)
  3. How "practical" energy (i.e. electricity and the like) is generated from the Dynaspheres.
Topics Covered (not necessarily in order given)

Reading and Understanding Keely's Charts

  1. Russell's & Keely's drawings are hard to understand. Can we do projects where we make take those drawings apart so we can understand them in & out?
Topics Covered (not necessarily in order given)
  • Elements
  • Relationships
  • Higher Consciousness
  • Scalar/Mind
  • Colors
  • Perspective
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