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NOTE: Russell used the term "ether" early on in his writings for instance as are found in the The Universal One. It is presumed he was 'beat up' by the science community for using this term. In his subsequent writings he leaned towards using the term "unit" in many variations. This wiki page has been started to log Russell's use of the "ether" and "unit" chronologically to ascertain when he switched. Maybe there is a clue as to why he switched. His books are listed below in chronological publishing order. [See Ether - Russell]

The Universal One, 1926 (not all of "ether" occurrences entered for this volume)

"The One substance is the etheric "spiritual" substance of the One universal Mind." [Book 01 - Chapter 01 - Creation]

"The point of maximum motion-in-opposition is the nucleal center of a unit or system where opposing pressures reach their point of maximum pressure." [Book 01 - Chapter 02 - The Life Principle]

"This oscillatory motion is a pulsating in-breathing and out-breathing, an inhalation and an exhalation, which is a characteristic of all matter, whether it be in units, or systems of units, or mass." [Book 01 - Chapter 02 - The Life Principle]

"The material substance of Mind is an all pervading ether which is indivisible, inseparable, indestructible, unalterable and unchangedable; but potentially it contains the appearance of all these dimensions of separability in the states of motion which register the dynamic process of thinking.

The words "spirit" and "ether" are used to express the tenuity of the dimensionless universe, as "solidity" is used to express the compactness of the apparently measurable universe." [Book 01 - Chapter 03 - Mind, The One Universal Substance]

"Such metals for example as iron, copper, gold, silver, manganese, nickel and tungsten; the elements which form such compounds as granite, quartz; and flint; and those elements which form such precious stones as the diamond, ruby and emerald; all these elements are made up of light units in maximum motion-in-opposition." [Book 01 - Chapter 03 - Mind, The One Universal Substance]

"Similarly the temperature of the spiral nebula is higher than that of the surrounding "ether" matter, because of the heat energy generated by thinking and transferred to the whirling spheres." [Book 01 - Chapter 03 - Mind, The One Universal Substance]

"When giant suns have radiated their heat to the absolute zero of the surrounding ether substance of Mind, they cease all appearance of individual existence." [Book 01 - Chapter 03 - Mind, The One Universal Substance]

"From that center the explosive-reactive, genero-radiative, electro-magnetic disturbance which constitutes the process of thinking, reproduces itself throughout the entirety of the universe at incomprehensible speed in waves of creating light units, which waves return again to that exact center." [Book 01 - Chapter 04 - Thinking Mind]

"The electric nature of matter in its progressive periodicity and variation of electromagnetic charge, rotation of its light units and other periodicities, will be written down with more exactness when the process of thinking is more explicitly written down and charted." [Book 01 - Chapter 05 - The Process of Thinking]

"The universe breathes, inhaling and exhaling as man breathes; and as every light unit, atom and molecule breathes; and as everything in the firmament above and the waters below breathes." [Book 01 - Chapter 05 - The Process of Thinking]

"The elements are composed of apparently separate particles in motion which shall henceforth be called "light units" or "corpuscles."" [Book 01 - Chapter 05 - The Process of Thinking]

"Man's speed of light is the speed at which that state of motion-in-opposition, known as incandescent luminosity appears to travel through those high octaves of integrating matter which man calls "empty space," or the "ether of space."" [Book 01 - Chapter 05 - The Process of Thinking]

"All solids of matter are but integrated light, the generative units of which are sufficiently retarded in their motion, and their resistance to integration sufficiently extended in magnetic orbits, to bring them below the range of the state of apparent luminosity." [Book 01 - Chapter 05 - The Process of Thinking]

"If the universal Mind is without form within itself, if its light units and mass are but appearances of form due to motion and not to substance, so also is Mind in its entirety without form or shape or size." [Book 01 - Chapter 06 - Thinking is Registered in Matter]

"Man thinks undependability in terms of things etheric, those things which do not respond to his senses." [Book 01 - Chapter 07 - Concerning Appearances]

"All light units and systems of light units are first male-female, then they are female-male." [k 01 - Chapter 08 - The Sex Principle]

"All idea is registered in the little particles heretofore referred to as light units.

These units of light, heat, sex, electricity and magnetism, are all male and all female.

Every unit is either preponderantly male or preponderantly female.

Just so is every unit either preponderantly electric or preponderantly magnetic.

Just so is every unit either preponderantly negatively, or preponderantly positively, electro-magnetic.

Just so is every unit preponderantly generative or preponderantly radiative.

And each unit is all of these.

And each unit is variable, becoming preponderantly one or another of these in its turn, from the beginning to the end of its being." [Book 01 - Chapter 08 - The Sex Principle]

"Equal and opposite actions and reactions, when united, comprise a unit of an octave of the universal constant of energy.

An action and its opposite reaction are not two. Their energies, when combined, make one." [Book 01 - Chapter 10 - The Reproductive Principle]

"These great misconcepts gave rise to the theory that the ether is a quivering, elastic solid existing in space along the undulating waves of which light, heat and all forms of energy can travel from one place to another." [Book 01 - Chapter 11 - Energy Transmission]

"The seconds of the cosmic clock are the corpuscles, or light units which make up the atom's structures." [Book 01 - Chapter 15 - The Formula of the Locked Potentials]

"This is a universe of equilibrium in motion, the continuity of which could not be maintained except through the interdependence of all apparently separated units." [Book 01 - Chapter 16 - Universal Oneness]

"It is the beginning of the crystallization of light units into that which man calls solids of matter." [Book 01 - Chapter 18 - Omnipotence]

""The ecstasy of my thinking varies the spectra of ten times ten billion stars and illumines the ether of endless space."" [Book 01 - Chapter 19 - Omniscience]

" Let us look within the thinking brain, and in doing so imagine one thinking individual male unit upon one planet of one atom of the brain seeing his universe as man sees his.

The appearance of the universe to this unit would be exactly the same to him as is man's universe to man." [Book 01 - Chapter 19 - Omniscience]

"And also would their relative motion be the same, for a trillion revolutions per second of a light-unit would be just as relatively slow to him as a day is to man." [Book 01 - Chapter 19 - Omniscience]

"Is it not, then, just as reasonable for this diminutive thinking unit of man to think himself one in a vast universe as for man to do so? Would it not be just as difficult for him to realise that he is just one apparent unit of the whole as it is for man to do so? And as it is with this diminutive unit in his universe within man's brain, so it is with man in his objective universe." [Book 01 - Chapter 19 - Omniscience]

"Man has long ago discarded the corpuscular theory of light in favor of a theory of electromagnetic effect of undulating waves which are supposed to exist in the ether.

He must now replace this second theory, for the ether of man's concept is non-existent. There are no undulating ether waves." [Book 02 - Chapter 01 - Dynamics of Mind - Concerning Light Units of Matter]

"All light units of matter are given the appearance of form by the magnetic reaction of the attempt of electricity to seek higher pressures." [Book 02 - Chapter 01 - Dynamics of Mind - Concerning Light Units of Matter]

"All dimensions of motion are registered in the minute particles heretofore referred to as light units.

As all motion is expressed in waves and registered in form, and as form begins to evolve from the integration of light units, it is well to briefly define the dimension and structure of the light unit in order to correct the misconcept of matter as something apart from life and light and energy.

All effects and dimensions of first cause begin with the birth of each light unit.

Each point in the universe is the center of the universe. Each point is the beginning and the end of each ten octave swing of the cosmic pendulum.

Each new-born corpuscle, or light unit, is a center of disturbance from which the entire universe responds to its alternating electromagnetic pulsations.

Motion, once started, never ceases until it has run the entire gamut of the ten octave range, from which point it begins again.

The light unit of the highest octave and lowest potential eventually becomes a light unit of the lowest octave and highest potential.

Light units are omnipresent throughout the universe." [Book 02 - Chapter 01 - Dynamics of Mind - Concerning Light Units of Matter]

"If this is true the theory of a non-resistant, pressureless, uniform ether of space is tenable." [Book 02 - Chapter 10 - Electromagnetic Pressures]

"Man's "ether of space" is substance in motion just as molten metal is matter in motion." [Book 02 - Chapter 10 - Electromagnetic Pressures]

"We are familiar with the expulsion of water by oil, of naphtha by water, of ether by naphtha, of hydrogen by air, and innumerable other substances which repel other substances for some good reason." [Book 02 - Chapter 11 - Attraction and Repulsion]

"The motions of the planets and their satellites are not continuations of an original impetus, nor are they continued because of the non-resistance of the ether." [Book 02 - Chapter 12 - Gravitation and Radiation]

"A later volume will precisely chart the swirling drift of the so-called "ether of space" within and outside of the solar ecliptic area. This drift carries the planets of the solar system with it as relentlessly as particles are carried in the swirling eddies of a rushing stream." [Book 02 - Chapter 12 - Gravitation and Radiation]

"The "ether of space" is generally conceived to be soundless." [Book 02 - Chapter 27 - Expressions of Gravitation and Radiation]

The Secret of Light, 1947
There is no occurrence of the terms "ether" or "unit" in this book.

Home Study Course, 1950
[Russell uses the phrase "united pairs" quite often in this book. This phrase has not been isolated in the following but perhaps it should be. Likewise he also uses quite often "unit of Creation" which has been highlighted.]

"It is God’s one idea divided by His thinking and imagining into countless millions of units of ideas, each having a differently formed body, but all manifesting the one by being extensions of each other." [02 - Unit One - Lesson 1.1]

"When you ask for anything you are asking for a separate unit of that ONE WHOLE IDEA." [24 - Unit Three - Lesson 11]

"It is actually another wave unit." [24 - Unit Three - Lesson 11]

"Likewise if you think you are multiplying units of anything to this universe you will find that you have only seemed to do so by dividing it equally." [24 - Unit Three - Lesson 11]

"The outward thrust of radiation expands light waves into low potential gases and ethers of cold, dark space to surround the solid spheres." [24 - Unit Three - Lesson 11]

"Likewise GRAVITATION is another word for concentration—and RADIATION is another word for decentration. Interchange between these two opposites integrates and disintegrates the universe into solids surrounded by ethers." [24 - Unit Three - Lesson 11]

"It is actually another wave unit." [24 - Unit Three - Lesson 11]

"You control it as one unit of Creation but it is subject to all other units of Creation, and all effects of motion everywhere, for any body anywhere is an extension of every body everywhere." [28 - Unit Four - Lesson 13]

"There must be some vast significance to this one fact because every creating unit of organic and inorganic matter is similarly divided, every insect, plant, corpuscle of animal, vegetable or mineral matter, and every star, sun of planet in the heavens." [29 - Unit Four - Lesson 14]

"Radiation is centrifugal. It unwinds solids into liquids, gases and ethers of space." [30 - Unit Four - Lesson 15]

"YOU are one unit of Creation, a universal unit of it which cannot be separated from the whole, therefore, YOU can never cease to be." [30 - Unit Four - Lesson 15]

"And we continue to do that until our purpose is fulfilled as individual units of Creation." [33 - Unit Five - Lesson 18]

"However, do not misinterpret this answer on prayer, to mean that I do not think that sincere groups who meet in prayer for the purpose of launching good thoughts out into the ether are not doing a very great service to human progress, and especially to themselves." [36 - Unit Five - Lesson 20.2]

"You MUST know Creation, for your body which you are building, is one unit of it." [42 - Unit Seven - Lesson 25]

"You think of these hundreds of bodies as VIBRATIONS, yet you would not think of your present “life” as but just one unit of a vibration of millions of years in duration instead of one fraction of a second." [43 - Unit Seven - Lesson 26]

"When you think of yourself as one individual unit of Creation you are but that one unit—struggling for survival and for self-interest among the countless other individual units." [43 - Unit Seven - Lesson 26]

"You are a unit of His Creation." [44 - Unit Seven - Lesson 27]

"A light projected into a mirror is regiven from the mirror, and all matter is a mirror reflecting its units into each other." [44 - Unit Seven - Lesson 27]

"We have progressed to a point where you can now comprehend why God divided His thinking into pairs of opposite electrical mates to make two polarized units of every creating thing, whether mineral, vegetable or animal." [47 - Unit Eight - Lesson 29]

"God created countless disunited pairs of seemingly separate units in order that each disunited one of each seemingly separate pair could manifest its unity with the whole by equal interchange with the whole. Pairs of seemingly separated and disunited man-units will fulfill God’s idea and purpose when these countless unit pairs know each other as the One Eternal Being beyond even that idea conveyed by the expression of UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD OF ALL MEN." [47 - Unit Eight - Lesson 29]

"You - as an individual unit of Creation - like every star in the firmament as an individual unit of Creation - center your own collective field which includes the millions of little ones within them, and those you take on as your desire increases in intensity.

You, as an individual unit of Creation, are a POINT OF DESIRE in the zero universe of Mind." [49 - Unit Eight - Lesson 31]

"There is an assumption, or vague understanding that our bodies take on some other body form, a more etheric, or spiritual condition of matter that is quite different from the matter of our visible bodies. Some religious cults call these spiritual after-death bodies, “astral bodies”." [51 - Unit Nine - Lesson 33]

"Hence these astral bodies have arms, legs, head and features like humans, only more ethereal." [51 - Unit Nine - Lesson 33]

"How ludicrous and illogical it is to think of hair, fingernails, teeth, bones and flesh of even ethereal bodies growing for centuries in an environment where they would be of no purpose whatsoever. No bodies of any nature could be static. They would either have to grow or decay, for all bodies are material, whether “ethereal” or otherwise." [51 - Unit Nine - Lesson 33]

"His is the glory of knowing himself as Universal Man instead of being a separate unit among many men." [52 - Unit Nine - Lesson 34]

"We have stated that every unit of Creation is an extension of every other unit. Also we have stated that each unit is indissolubly bound to every other unit - and that each is constantly interchanging with every other unit. Hence the ONENESS, and the INTERDEPENDENCE of every unit of Creation upon every other unit." [53 - Unit Nine - Lesson 35]

"Between each unit of Creation and every other unit there is a plane of equal pressures where whatever is RADIATED by each unit reverses its direction at that equator and then GRAVITATES toward every other unit in Creation." [53 - Unit Nine - Lesson 35]

"Fig. 75, which illustrates balanced interchange between two suns, and Fig. 76, which illustrates balanced interchange between a man and woman, and Fig. 77, which illustrates balanced interchange between the opposite poles of a bar magnet represent two polarized units in space. Each of these units RADIATES its light OUTWARDLY into space. Each regives that which space gave to it in abundance." [53 - Unit Nine - Lesson 35]

"That is a fact - but beyond that interchange between just TWO units is the greater fact that each is giving to every other unit in space." [53 - Unit Nine - Lesson 35]

"The sun cannot restrict its radiation to one sun - nor can man restrict his radiation to one man. All units of Creation radiate out into all space. All units are extensions of each other. Each unit of Creation interchanges its very breathing with every other unit.

Each unit increases the abundance of every other unit by reversing the expansion of its radiation to the contraction of gravitation. Carefully study the arrows in Figures 75-77. Note that radiation reverses its direction at every equator which divides every unit of Creation from every other unit." [53 - Unit Nine - Lesson 35]

"Make it a part of your Consciousness and your knowing, that every creating unit in the entire universe is an extension of every other unit." [53 - Unit Nine - Lesson 35]


"It is better to not mate than to mate with unbalanced opposites, for each unit of Creation is both father and mother." [53 - Unit Nine - Lesson 35]


"Two unmated humans are like two unmated chemical units of one pair, such as sodium and chlorine, lithium and fluorine or potassium and bromine. Study these separate units of pairs in Figure 94." [55 - Unit Ten - Lesson 37]

"Each one of each pair is divided by its own equator. This means that every disunited pair of units in all Nature is controlled by three equators, centered, in each unit, by a point of rest which becomes a fulcrum for each unit of each pair." [55 - Unit Ten - Lesson 37]

"Each of these separate units of each pair have certain chemical and electrical effects in combination with other elements." [55 - Unit Ten - Lesson 37]

"As the cube-sphere manifests the divided universal equilibrium which polarizes all effects into pairs of oppositely conditioned bodies of matter, and as all of the elements are bodies of matter which are either one or the other of these two polarized conditions, the universal number of NINE is basic in the elements as a whole, and in each octave wave of the nine as individual units." [66 - Unit Eleven - Lesson 43.1]


"Total number of unit parts. . . . . 121" [67 - Unit Eleven - Lesson 43.2]

"It disintegrates into systems of mass units centered by single masses. Each of these mass units centers another disintegrating system as its nucleus." [68 - Unit Eleven - Lesson 43.3]

"DESIRE of Mind-knowing is expressed by thinking the divided ONE IDEA of Mind into countless pairs of conditioned unit forms of Mind Idea." [69 - Unit Eleven - Lesson 44.1]

"Every thought and action of every unfolding unit of Creation is recorded within every other unfolding unit at the polarization speed of 186,000 miles per second." [69 - Unit Eleven - Lesson 44.1]

A New Concept of the Universe, 1953
"Space" is not empty - nor is it an "ether." The space which surrounds every particle of matter in every wave field is the negative half of the wave field. The solid nucleus is the positive half." [XXXXI - New Power for Science]

"These two pairs of opposed electric spiral vortices are the basic units which construct all matter." [Misconception of Electro-Magnetism]

"In the Light of The Creator's Mind is DESIRE to dramatize His ONE IDEA by dividing its one unconditioned, unchanging unity of balance and rest into pairs of oppositely-conditioned units, which must forever interchange with each other to seek balance and rest.

DESIRE then multiplies those pairs of units into an infinity of eternal repetitions to give formed bodies to The Creator's imaginings." [II - The Divided Light]

"Thinking divides IDEA into pairs of oppositely-conditioned units of motion which record a simulation of IDEA into thought forms." [III - This Electric Universe of Simulated Idea]

"Interchange between oppositely-conditioned pairs of thought-recording units is expressed in waves of motion." [III - This Electric Universe of Simulated Idea]

"Electricity is an effect of strain, tension and resistance caused by the energy of desire in the Light of Mind to divide and extend the balanced unity of the ONE still Light of Universal Mind into pairs of many divided units of thinking-Mind." [V - This Electric Universe of Simulated Energy]

"Electricity thus performs the "work" of the world by straining toward separateness and multiplicity of units and also by relaxing from such resisted strains and tensions until motion ceases its vibrations by withdrawing into the universal stillness." [V - This Electric Universe of Simulated Energy]

"So long as the universal heartbeat continues, every divided pair, and every unit of every divided pair, will reappear to express life as surely as it will again disappear in eternal repetitions to express death." [V - This Electric Universe of Simulated Energy]

"With an unwarranted belief given to the evidence of their senses, science - ever since Democritus - has been searching for an irreducible unit of matter which would account for the universe." [XIX - Future Science must Completely Revolutionize Its Concept of Matter]

"All of these many named particles, which science thinks of as differently-charged substances, are all basically the same spiral units of motion." [XIX - Future Science must Completely Revolutionize Its Concept of Matter]

"All of them are made up of the same units of opposed motion." [XXV - There are no Separate Particles or Elements]

"All of the elements are made up of the very selfsame spiral units of motion - or vortices." [XXV - There are no Separate Particles or Elements]

"The difference lies in the amount of time which must be expended in unwinding that mass of thought-wave patterns into its thought-wave units." [The Mystery of Time]

"Just as a man is the same flesh, blood and bone in each of his stages of growth, so are all particles the same ultra-microscopic unit vortices of motion which are changing their pressure conditions during their whole life cycle journeys of simulating different substances." [The Mystery of Time]

"As all of the one hundred and twenty-one elements, isotopes and inert gases, which are produced by the electric-wave machine in Nature's workshop, acquire their seemingly different properties because of the gyroscopic wheels which spin them into their various conditions, it is necessary to know how Nature causes the same kind of units of motion to appear to be so many different substances." [XXXI - Introducing the Gyroscope into the Octave Wave]

"Knowledge of the wave and of the spiral units which form the basis of the construction of matter would prohibit such unnatural theories as the present one." [XXXI - Introducing the Gyroscope into the Octave Wave]

Atomic Suicide?, 1957
No mention of the term "ether" in this book.

"For long ages he has sought for the life principle in germ or ultimate unit of matter." [03 - Chapter 1, part 1 of 2]

"All atoms are single units. All of these single units combine, in every octave, to make spiral atomic systems like the nebulae of space, or carbon in an octave, or a loop of force in an electric current." [04 - Chapter 1, part 2 of 2]

"To know just one wave unit of the electric current is to know all there is of the construction of matter, or the cause of any effect of motion, whatsoever." [04 - Chapter 1, part 2 of 2]

"Your heart beat, your breathing, and the pulsations of every cell in your body are continually compressing and expanding in orderly ordained normal rhythms, each unit having its own normalcy of rhythmic frequencies, and each one being not only in balance with the whole, but also in balance with its normal environment." [04 - Chapter 1, part 2 of 2]

"In that chart hydrogen was the only element shown in that otherwise empty third octave, an impossibility in Nature which creates all units in pairs, and all octaves in four pairs." [05 - Chapter 2 - How Radioactivity Kills, part 1 of 2]

"Nature creates atom units centripetally in mated pairs. She causes atom unit pairs to collide and explode." [06 - Chapter 2 - How Radioactivity Kills, part 2 of 2]

"Calcium begat strontium, at 16,777,216 units of pressure." [06 - Chapter 2 - How Radioactivity Kills, part 2 of 2]

"The roentgen is a unit of radiation." [07 - Chapter 3 - The World Voice, part 1 of 4]

"FIG. 7 symbolizes the transient, created quantities of divided pairs of units of electric motion which emerge from the vacuum zero universe to manifest its qualities for timed intervals, and are then dissolved into its equilibrium for re-emergence." [Chapter 4 - The True Nature of This Mind and Motion Universe, part 1 of 2]

"Illustrating the Father-Mother Principle of building bodies by dividing light into polarized units, and reproducing bodies by uniting two oppositely projected units into one by centripetal compression." [The True Nature of This Mind and Motion Universe, part 2 of 2]

"With this necessary prelude finished we will now proceed to build true concepts as a basis for your comprehension of God and His process for creating the pairs of units of divided light in motion, which are known as matter." [Chapter 5 - Prelude - The Transformation of Man, part 1 of 2]

"From each center where He thus stands, He reaches out his right arm to one pole, and His left arm to the other one, to form a shaft around which each separate unit of all Creation must move to manifest the cycles of His thinking. In this manner each Mind-centered body in all Creation has at its command, and as its inheritance, all-power and all-knowledge to draw upon in the measure of man's desire, and in the measure of the awareness of God's centering Presence within each unit." [Chapter 5 - Prelude - The Transformation of Man, part 1 of 2]

"Every unit of Creation unfolds and refolds in that life-death manner." [Chapter 5 - Prelude - The Transormation of Man, part 2 of 2]

"One cycle is the centripetal journey of a pair of divided units from their zero cathode to its multiplied amplitude, where Pairs are united, and the return centrifugal journey to their cathode for rest." [Chapter 6 - The True Nature of Electricity and Gravitation, part 1 of 3]

"The Scientific American recently published an article by Robert Hofstadter in which he said that individual units of matter might prove to be merely rings spinning around an empty point, with maximum density at that point and a decrease of density from the inside out." [Chapter 6 - The True Nature of Electricity and Gravitation, part 1 of 3]

"Every unit in all of them turns in the one direction which is common to all Nature." [Chapter 6 - The True Nature of Electricity and Gravitation, part 1 of 3]

"Atomic units have cold centers, but combined atomic masses have relatively hot centers," [Chapter 6 - The True Nature of Electricity and Gravitation, part 2 of 3]

"Simultaneously the speed of rotation of units in the current slows down until the completed mass, after the collision, is its minimum." [Chapter 6 - The True Nature of Electricity and Gravitation, part 2 of 3]

"Revolution around the shaft of gravity of each separate unit of the mass, including projections from it like planets and satellites, become increasingly slower while rotation of each mass upon its own shaft is increasingly faster." [Chapter 6 - The True Nature of Electricity and Gravitation, part 2 of 3]

"These billions upon billions of atomic units come to life and end their life in death, for a duration of probably ten billionth of a second, but they have an accumulative power in potential and mass which adds up into suns." [Chapter 7 - Our Eternal Universe, part 1 of 2]

"Creation is, therefore, but a multiplicity of compressed pairs of moving units within an omnipresent expansion, which are forever maintaining a great effort to continue their compressed conditions." [Chapter 7 - Our Eternal Universe, part 1 of 2]

"You are a unit of Creation doing that which is expected of you to do to manifest the Man Idea in action." [Chapter 7 - Our Eternal Universe, part 1 of 2]

"The mystery of the crystal, and its cleavages which divides crystals into units, lies within the knowledge of space geometry, which can be scientifically organized into Mind-visibility, as bodies in motion can be scientifically organized into sense-visibility." [Chapter 7 - Our Eternal Universe, part 2 of 2]

"They are the same, however, for God is the Universal Soul while Soul in man means Identity, or Being, as a unit of the Universal Being." [Chapter 8 - The Oneness of Gravity and Magnetism]

"Nature arranges her sex divisions in unit pairs in such a manner that opposite sexes can unite as one. Nature will not allow man to reverse this order by turning one unit of an electric current, or wave, around to make sex unity impossible." [Chapter 8 - The Oneness of Gravity and Magnetism]

"They are forced into collision by the electric action of dividing Oneness into unit pairs." [Chapter 8 - The Oneness of Gravity and Magnetism]

"God centers all units of His Creation." [Chapter 9 - The Mind Nucleus of the Atom, part 1 of 3]

"Every particle of matter, in combination as mass, or single as a unit, is purposeful, its movements are Mind-directed." [Chapter 9 - The Mind Nucleus of the Atom, part 2 of 3]

"Man is the only unit of Creation which has yet arrived at that stage, and only a very small percentage of the human race has risen to that high stage of unfolding in which man has become aware of his centering Intelligence." [Chapter 9 - The Mind Nucleus of the Atom, part 2 of 3]

"Creation consists of multiple electric wave units. In every cyclic unit of Creation the Law of Love is expressed to perfection, as demonstrated in one cycle of the electric current." [Chapter 9 - The Mind Nucleus of the Atom, part 2 of 3]

"All mass is made up of pairs of ring units, which are joined together in parallel planes to create hemispheres." [Chapter 10 - The Material Nucleus of the Atom, part 1 of 2]

"All pairs are sex conditioned by the divided spectrum, which place the red units of each pair in one hemisphere, and the blue units in the other hemisphere. The red units of a mass do not revolve across a common center of gravity and spin through the blue side to complete its orbit, as the units of the Rutherford-Bohr atom do, as shown in Fig. 58 - nor do the blue units spin through the red." [Chapter 10 - The Material Nucleus of the Atom, part 1 of 2]

"Each ring is a unit of a cycle and it is necessary for pairs of cycles to unite to form a mass, or for four pairs to unite to form a sphere." [Chapter 10 - The Material Nucleus of the Atom, part 1 of 2]

"By a careful examination of the construction of an electric current, and an electric wave, there is no part of it in which orbits of units intersect the planes of the orbits of other units, or of masses which are formed by the union of pairs, nor do any of them share their gravity centers with other units. As there is no precedent in the electric current or wave of Nature to justify the multiplane concepts shown in Fig. 58, and as there is no precedent in the electric current or wave to justify the presence of material nuclei in the atomic units which constitute mass, such an impossible and unnatural concept should be expunged from human thinking." [Chapter 10 - The Material Nucleus of the Atom, part 1 of 2]

"The first three of these pairs are equal and opposite atomic ring units, which increase their potential from 1 to 4." [Chapter 10 - The Material Nucleus of the Atom, part 2 of 2]

"It is first two-dimensional, for Nature is made up of single plane units, which are two-dimensional. The moment two-dimensional units are divided into Pairs, and unite to become mass, the three-dimensional bilateral universe appears." [Chapter 10 - The Material Nucleus of the Atom, part 2 of 2]

"Every point in all the universe is like that point, but we are concerned with but one of them now, for that is the point where the oak tree draws its power to express the oak tree idea in form - or which any other unit of Creation has chosen to draw its identity and power." [Chapter 11 - The Material Nucleus of the Atom, part 1 of 3]

"It is your Mind of the Universal Mind, as one unit of Creation." [Chapter 11 - The Material Nucleus of the Atom, part 1 of 3]

"To help you with this further understanding turn back to Fig. 41 which diagrams one inert gas unit many millions of times magnified." [Chapter 11 - The Material Nucleus of the Atom, part 1 of 3]

"You are one created unit thought-body of the universal Idea of man." [Chapter 11 - The Material Nucleus of the Atom, part 2 of 3]

"What researchers are now discovering is that there are two ends of the creating units of matter." [Chapter 11 - The Material Nucleus of the Atom, part 3 of 3]

"As the anode pair always move as separate units of a pair, until they become united as one, so, likewise, do their apice projecting fulcrums seem to move to control their balance in space." [Chapter 11 - The Material Nucleus of the Atom, part 3 of 3]

"That is the beginning point in the Mind-universe which marks the eternal Identity of one unit of a multiple repeated Idea." [Chapter 11 - The Material Nucleus of the Atom, part 3 of 3]

"The spiral nebula - seen edgewise - which occupies the amplitude position in the wave current, corresponds with the loop of force which centers every polarized unit of an electric current." [Chapter 11 - The Material Nucleus of the Atom, part 3 of 3]

"The balancing dark images in figures 64 and 65 show how the zero universe balances every movement in the universe by centering every unit of matter with its accumulated potentials at a zero point within it, which we call gravity, and with another equal zero point at balanced focal points between each pair." [Chapter 11 - The Material Nucleus of the Atom, part 3 of 3]

"For long ages he has sought for the life principle in germ or ultimate unit of matter." [Chapter 11 - The Material Nucleus of the Atom, part 3 of 3]

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united one
Universal Energy Unit

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