Mind Thought Rings of Motion

Mind Thought Rings of Motion

Mind Thought Rings of Motion (courtesy University of Science and Philosophy) (click to enlarge)

"When our learned men are forced to admit that "all motion is thought", that "all nature is the language of One in whom we live, and are moved, and have our being", the attempts to evolve life out of chemical elements will cease; the Mosaic records will no longer be denied, which tell us that the Creator's law for living organisms is that each plant seeds, and each animal bears, after his kind; not that each seeds and bears after another kind. The doctrine of evolution, as made known to us in Geology, is a fundamental truth; proving that "there has been a plan, glorious in its scheme, perfect in system, progressing through unmeasured ages, and looking ever toward man and a spiritual end"." [True Science]

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