Buttons and Beads

"Light is induced by electromagnetic percussion emanating from the ether, and in its action represents the plane of magnetism. In fact, it is the plane of magnetism when under polarization. (Platina wires the thickness of a fine hair associated with each of the nine nodal beads, and concentrated towards a general center of focalization, attaching the other end of the wires to the focal center, will determine, by the magnetic conduction, the number of corpuscular oscillations per second induced by a thought, either positive or negative, in the central centers. These are the only conditions - those of magnetic conduction - whereby the evolution of a thought can be computed in regard to its force under propagation, as against the amount of latent energy set free to act as induced by such thought on the physical organism.) Some scientific theories of the past have taught us that electricity and magnetism are one and the same thing. Sympathetic vibratory philosophy teaches that they are two distinct forces of one of the triune sympathetic family." Keely, circa 1893 The Snell Manuscript

"My researches indicate but one reliable method of ascertaining the exact molecular frequencies and range of vibration. A wire should have placed on it a definite number of nodes of the three metals silver, gold and platinum, and an acoustic introductory impulse should be given. We must now compute the intermittent periodic disturbances (molecular vibration time intervals) by adjusting the spaces between the nodes to such a distance apart as will equalize by their respective frequency-multiplying power, the chord masses of the nodal interferences between the three nodal metals. (Nodal here refers to the metal beads, not the vibration nodes as set up in a vibrating string.) This will determine the rate of molecular oscillation induced beyond the normal and give definite values of vibrations thousands of billions of times exceeding the frequency of light." The Snell Manuscript

"If you look at an electric current in a vacuum tube you will see parallel rings extending from the cathode to the anode, like buttons strung upon a thread. See (Atomic Suicide - Fig 60|Fig. 60)). Each of these rings is controlled by its own center of gravity in its own plane. Each ring is a unit of a cycle and it is necessary for pairs of cycles to unite to form a mass, or for four pairs to unite to form a sphere. When a sphere is thus formed it is as bilateral as all things else in Nature are bilateral. It extends its right arm and its left one to form a shaft. Each point of gravity in that shaft is also the fulcrum of a lever, which its ring is. The fulcrum is still, and in it is all the power which its spinning lever-ring expresses, but the energy thus expressed is not in the moving ring, it is in the fulcrum of gravity which centers it." [Atomic Suicide, Chapter 10 - The Material Nucleus of the Atom - I, page 217]

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