noun: someone who is the first to observe something
noun: someone who is the first to think of or make something OneLook Dictionary

"Not long since, Mr. Keely was congratulated upon having secured the attention of men of science, connected with the University of Pennsylvania, to his work of research. "Now, you will be known as a great discoverer, not as Keely the motor-man," said one of them present; whom he answered, "I have discovered so little, in comparison with what remains to be discovered, that I cannot call myself a discoverer." One of the professors present took Keely by the hand and said, "You are a great discoverer." [More Science]

"People then willingly receive the truth, for the fact of the matter is, they have intuitively received it before, yet the one who first announces it is called the discoverer of it." [Lux Naturae]

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