Franciszek Rychnowski

Franciszek Rychnowski (1850 - 1929) was a Polish engineer and an inventor, who also lectured at the Lwów Politechnic. In addition to mundane projects (he was involved with electrification, central heating and the tram system in Lwów, which is now Lviv, Ukraine), he also gained fame for his pseudoscientific theories on eteroid, similar to the concepts of élan vital or orgone; involvement with such pseudoscientific theories eventually ruined his career. Wikipedia, Franciszek Rychnowski

"Elektroid flows out from machine with rustling sound through the tube; feeling by the way refreshing scent and cool breeze. Items inserted into the tube, are thrown with such force they break a hole in paper membrane. In a dark room elektroid comes in the form of balls of light. Located within empty round kitchen bowls Shine with " moon light" , show a increase of weight, attract other vessels and objects, show off the double rotation: around its own axis and about beam of light. Elektroid is very subtle substance, but seems to be valid; puts pressure on the walls of the vessel, and it can be also collected in vessel for several days to keep. Falling at an angle to the plate, elektroid is reflected at the same angle, in the form of visible beam of light, at the same time creates a star of light, which boarder rays turn into glowing balls. It affects photographic plate through bodies that are not penetrable for ordinary light" - Quote from newspaper 1899.

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