Same as Diatonic Scale Ring. See also Laws of Vibration.
Conventional: Controls amount of signal passing through it.

"The only operative appliances to be seen are certain resonating arrangements, and the mystery remains deep how these can yield force. These consist of an arrangement of slender rods or tongues of metal, which successively decrease in length, and which evidently are set to sound different notes of the scale, and of a spirally-curved bugle-shaped appliance. In addition to these a tuning fork is employed by Mr. Keely when ready to set his machinery in motion. Thus, so far as is visible, the inventor's apparatus are in accordance with his theory of utilizing the vibratory energies of nature." [Apergy - Power Without Cost, New Science Review, vol. II, October, 1895]

Attentuator - Original

Keely's Original Attenuator

Attenuator - Current

Current Attenuator

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